Yes, there will be more to come, though I might drop the monotonous tone and the brevity and all that jazz. Expect more fun, energy, depth, and Harry Potter-related joy. Also, there will be much discussion about the plots, themes, characters, movies (maybe), and any other connection I can make. Do not expect this to be a huge, commercialized, super popular podcast; it will probably (and hopefully) stay small and nice. And thanks to the (as of now) 12 subscribers, and the like 8 people who downloaded the ever-crappy Episode #1.

Help wanted:

Also, I am considering looking for some co-hosts. If you are interested, email me an audio clip at (in an attatched mp3 file, a youtube video, or something like that; make sure I can find it from the email) including the following:

  • Your name
  • Your background info
  • How you got into the HP fandom
  • Whether or not Dumbledore was a Machiavellian, controlling chess master, and why
  • How much you like Harry Potter, and what kind of fan you are (literary, fandom, wizard rock, HP walking encyclopedia, etc.)
  • How you feel about Harry Potter as a work of Literature and a cultural phenomenon 

In the e-mail, in text form if you want, include your knowledge in computers, audio editing, English, and anything else you consider relevant.



Check us out at iTunes, where the podcast is listed under Literature! I love how I refer to the podcast and I using first person plural pronouns 🙂

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As for Episode 2, as I’ve said, I’ll wait a bit to improve my podcasting skills before doing anything. Though I have discussion topics for episodes 3-10!


The first episode of Hogwarts Universe Talk is out! I discuss Beedle, including each of the 5 tales, as well as some insight on Dumbledore’s commentary, and what the stories really mean. Do not listen to if you haven’t read the book, as it may be difficult to follow.


Download here
Running Time 23:59 (21.9MB)″

Tonight at 12:01 am (Thursday) The Tales of Beedle the Bard will be released to the public, all around the world. It may not be as exciting as Deathly Hallows, but I think it’s enough to get excited about! How can Harry Potter fans not buy it?

It’s a book written by J.K. Rowling, first of all. It’s the first we’re really seeing into the HP world after DH, so we can learn more about their culture and life, especially of non-Hogwarts stuff. We can see how normal wizards interact, as well as how they are with 16th century Muggles. Then, there’s Dumbledore’s commentary, which I am really excited about! Albud Dumbledore is speaking from beyond the grave with his personal notes on the Tales, which he obviously saw as deeper than just children’s stories. Which leads me to my next point, these tales are fairy tales! They are a great insight of the moral/ethical values of wizards–the ones indoctrinated when they’re children by their parents. It should also show us JKR’s morals, and probably some of the themes of the Potter books that we’ve seen so far.

So there’s probably something for any Potter fan in these Tales, from Dumbledore character development to fun old literary analysis. Why aren’t 400,000,000 copies being printed then?

So Tales of Beedle the Bard is only a few days away, and people seem to be getting excited! Mugglecast is having a live London podcast, Pottercast is getting together in NYC, and Amazon is shipping soon! Meanwhile HP Progs is discussing fairy tales with Travis Prinzi, who incidentally, is having a book coming out soon! Harry Potter fandom news is approaching the top of the roller coaster, huh?

Also remember, soon after the release of the Tales, I’ll be having an episode of my podcast up! Tune in!

We have a new teaser trailer for the site and podcast:

December. 2008. Be there. there means HERE 🙂

Hello! This is Arka; you may have seen me in my blog, my youtube videos, or anywhere else online! I’ve decided to start a podcast and news site for all thing Harry Potter (that I find relevent or interesting). Expect a first episode of the podcast by ≈ December 4th, depending on whether or not I actually get around to it. That episode, if produced, will probably focus on the then released Tales of Beedle the Bard.

This will probably not be a huge site like Mugglenet or Leaky but it may amount to something, whether it has 10 or 10,000 viewers/listeners. Remember, I’m not guaranteeing anything, but I might actually have a podcast starting. Don’t have any hosts yet, but looking into it…